About Us

Oktopus Australia is a family owned and operated company and is the authorised distributor in Australia and New Zealand for the full range of Construction and Industrial vacuum lifting machinery manufactured by Wirth-GMBH, who is reputedly the World’s most prestigious designer and builder of such equipment.

Our Mission

Oktopus Australia offers the construction industry a wide and varied range of vacuum lifting equipment so that contractors have access to efficient and safe vacuum installation systems for most projects.

Oktopus services all States and Territories of Australia and has their technical support team available to travel nationwide, mostly for training purposes.

Company Values

Oktopus vacuum lifting equipment has been around for many years and is renowned for its quality of construction, inherent reliability, and superb safety standards, which incorporates the dual circuit system built into every Oktopus machine. All Oktopus machines comply with AS4991-2004.

Our Goal

Australia’s glass and metal construction industries are unthinkable without vacuum lifting equipment. We have the lifting solution with vacuum-based installation systems for sandwich panels, vacuum lifting equipment for glass installation and vacuum lifters for industrial in-plant processing.