Deconstructing Australia’s Construction Industry

Glass and metal construction are some of the fastest-growing industries in Australia. According to the figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the construction industry has generated $305 billion in total income in 2011-2012. The industry has also dominated the job market; two-thirds of the employed workers in the country ply their trade in the glass and metal industry. Based on these facts alone, the industry is set to expand once again.

Setting the Standard

With such a robust reputation come great operational requirements, though. They need only the best set of equipment and machineries to sustain the high-demands of the field. Construction firm owners owe the success of their businesses to the stability and longevity of their machines. Today, subclass gears and machines simply will not make the cut.

In Australia, business leaders who are looking to strengthen their position in the construction and building market often turn to construction machinery building and designing company, Wirth-GMBH. Over the years, the company has set the standard in making world-class vacuum lifting machineries. These efficient pieces of cargo-transport equipment have earned recognition from various construction firms in and out of the country.

Knowing the Game

Vacuum lifting equipment ensures safe transport of fragile cargo like glass panels and metal works. Using a sophisticated system of vacuum pumps, operators can secure in-plant transport of these construction materials even in the roughest of conditions. Its 24-volt battery-system ensures undisrupted operations; even if one of the cells breaks down, the equipment can still operate using 16-18 volts. This is particularly ideal for project with round-the-clock business operations.

In addition to the lifting equipment, a telescopic handler also proves handy in construction projects. It functions like a crane but can do more and reach more heights. The telescopic boom can extend either forwards and backwards, depending on the requirements of the situation. The operator has more freedom in carrying fragile cargo in hard-to-reach places like the top of a scaffolding level.

Oktopus Australia understands what it takes to run a construction operation. This is why the company collaborates with Wirth-GMBH to provide construction solutions to builders and designers. Construction firm owners can browse our website to learn more about how they can gain the upper hand with our lifting equipment.

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