Kennards Hire Lift & Shift and Oktopus Australia Enjoy a Prized Partnership

Ricky McGaw, a Victorian manager from Kennard Hire Lift and Shift is extremely happy with the service received by Oktopus during their association of nearly six years.

Kennards Hire Lift & Shift is well Known to the glazing and wider construction industry, having been a long-standing equipment hire company and supplier to many.

"We've been a family-owned business for 70 years now. with branches across Australia and New Zealand, we opened our 180th branch in Heatherbrae, NSW earlier this year" Ricky begins. "We've evolved as a company to meet our customer's ever-changing needs and we know that the demand for safe lifting technology is paramount. Workplace safety is a major consideration for our customers and they benefit enormously by the speed in which they can complete a job safely and move onto the next project using Oktopus equipment."

McGaw says that Kennards Hire has reaped substantial benefit from the quality of design and features and capacity of Oktous lifters.

" We purchased our first lifter for our fleet five years ago; it's a first-class product, with great after-sales service from the Oktopus Australia team."

"The market is hugely accepting of the product, especially Tier 1 construction and infrastructure companies." Ricky continues.
"As well as the comprehensive support from Oktopus, we love the machine's durability and reliability. Because Kennards Hire is a 'middle man' between supplier and end user, quality is everything - we hade to face the customer if the product's unreliable."

The famously user-friendly nature of Oktopus is another advantage."It's easy to operate from a customer's viewpoint, with high levels of safety and uniformity." Ricky continues. "We greatly value the variety of applications made possible with Oktopus lifting technology, and their huge range."

This includes many impressive capabilities. "The Octopus equipment range at Kennards Hire includes 300kg. 4 cup inline machines, through to a conventional spider arm configuration currently at 1000kg lifting capacity and still growing. The units can also be configured to take a multitude of shaped and sized panels." Ricky states. " we've always received good feedback on Oktopus equipment once customers have experienced it."

The company's diligence in chasing up issues is key. "Oktopus is prompt with annual certification, are readily available and well qualified to assist with any technical questions, and they keep us informed on new equipment and upgrades." Ricky continues. "They've recently been used several major projects, including Bendigo hospital and the upgrade to the Melbourne Zoo's lion enclosure."

These inspiring stories show Oktopus equipment is in high demand - and for good reason.

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