Oktopus Case Study Ausrise Aluminium

Sydney based Ausrise Aluminium has been trading for 17 years and specialise in the design, supply and installation of architectural glass and aluminium facades for leading commercial projects. "Anything from shopfronts for high-rise projects Australia-wide." notes CEO Paul White, co-owner and Director With Kevin Hartin.

The output of Ausrise Aluminium is highly diversified. 'We do anything from standard glazing to curtain wall to bespoke facade.' says Paul. 'We typically construct the entire building envelop, with materials ranging from glass and aluminium to brass and terracotta.'

The company's footprint is extensive. 'With factories in Singapore and Malaysia, we manufacture some products overseas and then ship them to Australia. Our Australian skilled installation team are a valuable asset to our business, ensuring the quality of workmanship and compliance - we're a one-stop shop, from the Construction Manager and Project Manager right down to our team of apprentices.' This ambitious company has purchased multiple lifters from Oktopus. 'They're brilliant, simply the best on the market.' says Paul. 'We use multiple Oktopus Vacuum lifters and have invested in several machines. when you're working with any panel of substantial size, Oktopus machinery is a peerless unit. Oktopus supply the widest range of lifting machinery to the Australian construction industry, the dual-vacuum system introduces redundancy into the system as a safety factor - in fact their inbuilt safety systems are widely recognised by all the tier one construction companies Australia-wide.

Using Oktopus lifters has increased our company's productivity. 'we've got the Oktopus 600kg and 80 kg panel lifters, as well as Roboglaze.' Paul says. 'With the latter, you can attach glass suckers to the machine, to accommodate the individual size of each sheet you're maneuvering. For example, you can manipulate a big 6m x 4m sheet and control the two vacuum lifters via the computer monitor, sharing the load.'

Consistent and comprehensive after-sales service provided by Oktopus Australia has also contributed to the longstanding relationship with Ausrise Aluminium. 'We have a very sound relationship with Oktopus.' Paul confirms. "and if we're ever dealing with anything new and outside the box with a new job, Oktopus are responsive, and have the experience to assist us with every challenge.'

One project in which the company's collaboration with Oktopus was essential was Canberra Airport. 'That required a 5-axis sucker.' Paul recalls. 'This was a sloped facade, and the installation needed to be perpendicular. The 5-axis suckker could be rotated left and right to install the glazing more efficiently. The Okopus technology assisted us enormously on the job, with both speed and efficiency, also making for a safe worksite for our team.'

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