Vacuum Glass Lifters for Sale or Rent from Oktopus Australia

As glass panels become the main materials in modern infrastructure, the need to lift and transport them in the safest and most efficient way has created a rising demand for high quality glass lifters. Oktopus Australia understands this requirement and has been a major player when it comes vacuum lifting. We offer our lifters for sale or rent, and we’ll even provide service and assistance on-site.

Vacuum lifting technology differs from the traditional lifting and gripping tools, as this combines gripping and lifting in one system. You can imagine wood and steel being lifted by metal ropes and cranes, but glass? It’ll almost end up in disaster.

Total flexibility

Oktopus Australia’s vacuum glass lifters offer unparalleled strength and safety when lifting fragile and heavy glass panels. Typically used in restoration, construction, as well as manufacturing, the flexibility of these lifters will meet any industry requirement. A wide range of lifters is available from our selection; they can either be suspended or supported from a crane, forklift or tele handler.

The future of glass lifting

Glass is now being used in different applications and infrastructures. It is the present and the future of architecture. From traditional rectangular shaped to irregular shaped panels, glass adds extra aesthetic value to modern buildings and residential properties. Many builders and contractors in Australia come to us for a range of vacuum lifters to rent and buy. Our rental services also include repair, servicing, inspection and testing of the lifters.

We guarantee that all rental lifting equipment are reliable, well-maintained, and meet industry standards

We have the ultimate lifting solution for your glass lifting needs. Whether it’s for lifting sandwich panels, installing glass panels, or an in-plant transport, we will provide your company with lifters for an efficient project.

Contact us and we will address your lifting demands.

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