WHA’s Oktopus Advantage

From its inception, Oktopus Australia has built a reputation as a quality pioneers. A notable client is Wayne’s High Access (WHA), whose Operations Manager Aaron Callegari details their fruitful partnership.

‘Wayne’s High Access (WHA) started 10 years ago, providing rope access maintenance to Melbourne skyscrapers,’ Aaron says. "We’ve since become Victoria and NSW’s leading rope access and construction service business, employing 60 staff with diverse trade backgrounds to meet every challenge put to us."

WHA’s operations encompass residential, commercial and industrial (private and public), owner corporations and construction. "We’re market leaders across a range of applications – including concrete repairs, painting, caulking, leak detection, sign and banner maintenance, waterproofing, cleaning, façade inspections, maintenance and installation, pressure washing and height safety installations and certifications," notes Aaron.

WHA strive to achieve excellence on the most demanding of projects. "We’ve built on our strong partnerships and experience to become a leading façade panel and glazing contractor", Aaron says. "We provide plant and equipment, offering clients flexibility coupled with responsiveness."

Complementing WHA’s ambition and dedication is Oktopus Australia’s vacuum lifting equipment. "We’ve purchased three Oktopus vacuum lifting units – beginning with the GL-N400/300, combining lightweight with impressive load capacity. "

"To deal with the increasing size and weight of the glazing systems we were replacing, we purchased a GLRN400/600/800, whose lift capacity and 8-pad configuration assuredly handles all glass weights and configurations. And adding to our Oktopus equipment, we recently purchased the in-line GL-LN600 for demanding new projects."

Investing in Oktopus equipment has also substantially boosted WHA’s efficiency and productivity. ‘Owning plant and equipment enables us to more rapidly commence projects, and holding service documentation and history for each unit offers immediate access to job sites. Works are completed more safely and efficiently with Oktopus Australia equipment, as our technicians are familiar with the units on each daily work schedule.’

WHA’s ongoing relationship with Oktopus Australia is highly beneficial. "The Oktopus Australia team is pivotal to our operations, providing technical support and prompt, thorough annual maintenance. The exemplary service we continue to receive from Oktopus post-purchase has improved our operations and complimented our technical capability,"

Aaron concludes. For further information: Wayne's High Access - aaronc@wha.com.au Oktopus Australia - sales@oktopus.com.au

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