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Vacuum Lifting Equipment in Australia

Australia’s glass and metal construction industries are unthinkable without vacuum lifting equipment.

We have the lifting solution with vacuum-based installation systems for sandwich panels, vacuum lifting equipment for glass installation and vacuum lifters for in-plant transport.

Our Australia wide services include both sales and rental of a wide range of vacuum lifting equipment which can be either suspended or supported from crane, forklift or tele handler.

For new construction projects we can also provide from our rental fleet, scissor and boomlift EWPs, telehandlers and small crawler cranes.

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Vacuum Lifting Systems


As the trends in commercial construction projects include more and larger glass panel components, the need to handle these panels in an efficient, cost effective, and safe way has created a growing demand for well designed and flexible vacuum lifting systems. At Oktopus Australia, we have recognised that industry requirement and today we are the exclusive distributor for vacuum lifting equipment. All of our product lines are manufactured by Wirth – GMBH in Germany. They are recognised as the world leader in design and manufacture of vacuum glass lifters. For the construction industry and commercial contractors, we maintain a wide range of lifting equipment. If we don’t have the specific vacuum lifting equipment device that you need, we will work with Wirth – GMBH to get the right equipment for your special needs.

The concept of using air pressure or lack of it, to assist in handling heavy objects has been around for a long time. In the 1600’s a German engineer, Otto von Guericke, pumped the air out of two halves of a sphere making it impossible for a team of 16 horses to pull it apart. Actual application of this concept didn’t gain wide use until the 1950’s when vacuum lifting equipment came on the scene at construction sites. While Oktopus Australia hasn’t been around since the 1600’s we have been in business in Australia long enough to have established ourselves as the number one distributor of vacuum glass handling equipment in Australia. Our trained professional staff is available to support our products in any state or territory of Australia.

Panel Lifting Equipment


At Oktopus Australia we provide sales and service for the complete line of panel lifters including composite panel lifting machines as well as self propelled models such as the GL-V that can handle panels up to 300 kg. One of our most popular models is the GI-B400. Flexibility couples with large capacity make this unit a true work horse. It can work well for both vertical and horizontal installation applications. It is typically used as a forklift attachment while its operation is independent of the host vehicle. It is powered by its own power supply and can see use up to 10 hours between recharging the batteries.

While all of our equipment meets commercial safety standards, careful operation by well trained operators is always recommended. It is important to make sure that the construction elements need to have an air tight seal around the suction areas and it is important to make sure there are no protective films on the surface of the panels you are working with. All Oktopus equipment incorporates a high tech safety system that is able to continuously track or measure the vacuum circuit as well as the power supply to make sure there is no impending breakdown in the suction connection. In addition to the safety management system there is also a large reserve of vacuum in case of an unexpected loss of power. For handling any type of glass panels, we can help size the right cladding equipment and glass handling devices to ensure that your employees will be able to work in a safe and efficient environment.

Glass Sucker Equipment


While many construction companies require their own dedicated glass panel handling equipment, there are also many smaller contractors that may only have an occasional need for our vacuum lifting equipment. At Oktopus Australia we have rental programs for those contractors or individuals who may have a one time or limited demand for vacuum lifting equipment. We will also help you to understand how our rental programs can help you get through periods of peak workloads or even allow you to try out a particular machine before making a purchase decision. Our extensive lineup of vacuum lifting equipment can provide you with every possible requirement from mini-crane mounted glass panel lifters all the way down to simple hand held roof suckers to help the weekend handyman finish a project calling for the safe handling of smaller glass panels.

One of more popular rental units is the Oktopus GL-R300 that is best suited for handling larger glass panels up to 300 kg. The extension arms of this unit can be adjusted to a variety of different sized panels to give you the flexibility on jobs that have more than one size or configuration of panels. It comes with its own power supply and is set up to be used as a crane attachment. The batteries will last several days on a single charge so you will be able to finish your job without recharging the batteries. As a safe operating system, this unit is without equal with a redundant vacuum circuit system designed to handle twice the expected loads without problems.

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